Part 1: Choosing Fanfiction for the class

You will be assigned an Austen text and a group by Thursday, October 19th

The group chooses a piece of fan fiction for the whole class to read together. Individual group members should begin by reading around in the large archive of Jane Austen fan fiction. For example, if you’ve been assigned Emma as your text, you should begin by reading as much Emma fan fiction as you can find.

After you read at least 3-4 pieces of fan fiction on your own, you will choose a single piece to share with the group. Let’s keep selections to a PG13 or R rating.

Send your fan fiction choice to your group no later than Tuesday, November 7th. During class on Thursday, November 9th, your group decides which piece of fan fiction to assign to the class. 

Written work (2 Parts)

Part One: one member of the group should submit a written description of the group’s efforts, which consists of a bibliography listing all of the fan fiction considered, as well as a short paragraph detailing why a particular piece was selected. You should write the paragraph as a group, using email to exchange drafts. The group’s written work is due by the end of class on Thursday, November 9th. Please send it as a word .doc attached to an email (

Citing fanfiction:  Here is an example of what the bibliography entries should look like:

newredshoes. “Sif and Sensibility.” Archive of Our Own. Organization for Transformative Works. 29 Aug 2011. Web. 28 Mar 2014. <>

Part Two: each group member will submit a 1-page description of their experience reading fanfiction, analyzing what you’ve read in relation to the assigned Jane Austen novel. You will cite all of the fanfiction that you considered and brought to the group’s attention. Due by class time on Tuesday, November 14th. Submitted on eLC.

Part II: Assigned fanfiction will be read by the whole class on Thursday, November 16th

Group members are responsible for leading discussion of their chosen piece of fan fiction on the last day of class.  

Some Fanfiction websites

An Archive of Our Own (search for Austen once linked)

Austen Underground (fairly comprehensive list of fan fiction sites)

The Derbyshire Writers’ Guild

The Meryton Assembly (requires registration)

Best of Jane Austen Fan Fiction

Best Jane Austen Fan Fiction (traditional publishing)

Best Jane Austen FanFiction

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