You will need to bring at least one large blue/green book with you to the exam.

Caspar David Friedrich, Woman Before the Rising Sun (1818-1820)

Part I. Comprehensive

You will be asked to briefly identify 7 out of ten characters, places, and/or objects of importance in the works read so far this semester, but with a focus on material read since the midterm (i.e. from Emmeline onward).

 A complete answer (of four or so sentences) completely identifies the subject matter, term, figure, etc., and connects that subject to the work where it appears and/or to other works read throughout the semester. (5 points each; 35 points)

Part II: You will be asked to identify 5 out of 8 short passages by author name and title. You must spell the author’s name and title correctly to receive full credit. (4 points each; 20 points)

Works from the second half of the semester from which I’ll be drawing passages for identification: Emmeline, The Italian, Lover’s Vows, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and excerpts from Burke (material from 3/15 and 3/29), Wollstonecraft (material from 3/29), Woolman, Newton, Cugoano, Wilberforce, and Clarkson.

Part III: Comprehensive (in part)

You will be asked to write short essays (of at least three but no more than four paragraphs) on THREE of the passages identified in Part II. 

All of the passages will be drawn from work read after February 17th BUT at least one of the prompts will require you to make connections between the identified work and material read prior to February 17th ( 15 points each; 45 points total).