Mary Shelley

Thursday, November 2nd

P.B. Shelley, “Ode to the West Wind” (935-936), “Song to the Men of England,” “England in 1819” (1004-1005), and excerpts from A Defence of Poetry (1015-1023)

Literary Terms: sonnet, ode, lyric poetry


Percy Bysshe Shelley, painted by Alfred Clint from work by Amelia Curran, 1819

Tuesday, November 7th

P.B. Shelley, “Mont Blanc” (932-934)

Mary Shelley, “The Mortal Immortal” (1207-1214)

Keats, “Ode to Psyche” (1102-1103)

Thursday, November 9th

John Keats, “Ode to a Nightingale,” “Ode on Melancholy” and “To Autumn” (1103; ) and Letter to Richard Woodhouse (1147-1148) and Letter to George and Georgiana Keats (1148-1151)


Tuesday, November 14th

Austen, Persuasion, Volume I

Literary Terms: free indirect discourse


Thursday, November 16th

Austen, Persuasion, Volume II


Tuesday, November 21st / Essay Guidelines Posted

Thursday, November 23rd / No School / Over Thanksgiving, you’ll need to formulate a topic for your final long essay. You’ll be given prompts to follow on eLC as you begin working on the long essay (7-10 pages). Further information and guidance will be posted throughout the semester but your final essay will be derived from the smaller writing tasks that you have completed over the semester.


Tuesday, November 28th

Bust of Felicia Hemans by Angus Fletcher (1829)

John Keats, “La Dame Belle sans Merci” (1100) and “The Eve of St. Agnes” (1093-1099)

Felicia Hemans, “Properzia Rossi” and “Indian Woman’s Death-Song” (1055-1056)

Literary Terms: dramatic monologue vs. dramatic lyric

Thursday, November 30th / Last Day of class /reflection and disruption

Roger Reeves, “Romanticism (the Blue Keats)

HonorĂ©e Fanonne Jeffers, “Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, Free Mulatto, and Her White Cousin, the Lady Elizabeth Murray, Great-Nieces of William Murray, First Earl of Mansfield, and Lord Chief Justice of the King’s Bench” and “Three Cases Decided by William Murray” (to be posted)

Jackie Kay, “In My Country

Tara Bergin, “Appointment with Jane Austen

Still of filming for Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson (2022)


Third Semester Exam during Exam Period: Thursday, December 7th from 3:30-6:30

Long Essay Due by December 13th and submitted on ELC