Abstract and Annotated Bibliography due on April 9th and Final Essay due by Monday, May 6th at 8:00pm

If you receiving Honors option credit for this course, your third essay will be both longer and employ significant critical sources (15 pages

In preparation for your essay, I am asking you to submit an Annotated Bibliography of between 7-10 sources along with an essay abstract. 

Description of the Annotated Bibliography

Using the MLA format for citation compile a bibliography of between 7 and 10   secondary sources that you have looked at in relation to developing your essay.

For each entry you should have no more than 3 sentences summarizing the source’s argument and 2-3 sentences indicating if you will use the source in your essay and why it is (or isn’t) useful.

You do not have to refer to all the sources in your essay but you should use the critical reading to enrich your own argument about the texts under consideration.

If you need assistance in choosing secondary sources, I am happy to help you with that.