PART I: Prior to February 19th, you’ll be expected to read samples of several recent reflections on Jane Austen and  Pride and Prejudice.

All of the possible selections are available on a host of eBook platforms. If you have any trouble accessing these titles, or need access to a computer, please let me know.

I’ll ask you to rank the four choices and then you’ll be assigned to a “book club,” which will meet during our class period on Thursday, March 7th.

PART II: You’ll be expected to submit a “book review” of your chosen text. For this assignment, you’ll be trying your hand at a more informal writing style and format.

  • Please take as your model a “goodreads” book review; “goodreads” book reviews often employ a more casual tone and vocabulary.
  • I still expect your review to be well-argued, well-written, and carefully proofread for style, grammar, and typos.
  • Although I’ll need to know your name, you can “sign” this review with a pseudonym. You’ll see that many “goodreads” reviewers use this technique.
  • I hope to get the “post” function working on our website so that you’ll be able to share your review with your classmates, so (if you choose) please indicate that you’ve given me permission to post this review on a semi-public site. (i.e. “I (_________________) give Dr. Eberle permission to post this book review on our course website.

Send  the book review as a word .doc to The book reviews are due no later than the Tuesday after spring break, March 19th.

Here is a link to the goodreads page for Longbourn

Book selections:

Katherine J. Chen, Mary B. (2018)

Kathleen A. Flynn, The Jane Austen Project (2017)

Soniah Kamal, Unmarriageable (2019)

Curtis Sittenfield, Eligible (2016)

Ibi Zoboi, Pride (2018)