Part I: Short Passage Identification (15 points)

You will identify 5 out of 7 passages (or sets of passages). In order to receive full credit, full titles and full names be spelled correctly.

  • There will be at least one passage drawn from a piece of literary theory

Part II: Short Writing Tasks (60 points)

For this section you will respond to a few short writing prompts about THREE of your identified passages.  For this section, you will need a blue or green book. 

Part III: Short Term Identification (25 points)

You will identify and discuss 5 (out of 10) concepts, terms, and/or literary figures. You will use your blue or green book for this section of the exam.

  • You must fully define and/or describe the concept, term, and writer and then relate your description to at least one of the four novels that we’ve read up to midpoint.
  • If you are identifying a figure, you should summarize their main ideas and significance to at least one novel.
  • Your response should be no less than 5 sentences long and no more than 2 paragraphs. Every sentence should say something significant and thoughtful about the concept, term or figure under consideration.
  • AVOID repeating material from the first part of this exam.

List of Terms and Concepts:

Theory; Genre; Aristotelian Modes; Northrup Frye on genre [see website 8/17]; Culler on narratology [see website 8/29 for full list of terms]; non-genre literature; new criticism and responses to it in narrative studies; implied author; terms from Abbott on narration [see website 9/5]; concept of “writing the nation” from Bhabha; postnational and multicentric narration; terms from Barthes and Belsey [website 9/7]; free indirect discourse; adaptation as “transformation” and “creative destruction”; important figures Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida; Marthe Robert