I expect you to compose a sophisticated and careful essay of 17-20 pages that takes into account the critical history of the topic and text you are examining. To that end you should expect to put in a significant amount of research time prior to composition. You may, of course, take as a starting point one of your presentations. I will certainly be available to help you to develop a thesis and to guide you in your research.  Due on Tuesday, May 7th by 5:00 pm

I am asking students to participate in an essay-writing workshop on Tuesday, April 30th

Please prepare a document suitable for circulation that outlines your essay ideas in a form that will lead to productive discussion with your classmates. I am thinking here of 1) a 2-3 paragraph proposal 2) a very detailed outline or 3) perhaps sections of a drafted essay (numbering no more than 3 pages). You may do all three of these options or just one.

Upon receiving your materials, I’ll make up small groups and circulate materials between you. I’ll need your material by Saturday, April 27th and you’ll receive your group’s materials no later than Sunday, April 28th, two days in advance of class. Please come into class with specific questions and suggestions for your group members, both about their papers and about your own.