Critical Presentation: . For this presentation you will be expected to respond to a specific critical question after carefully reading and critiquing the primary and secondary literature. In looking over the course schedule, you’ll see that I will be assigning at least one critical essay for each of our meetings, your task is to assign additional reading to the class, which will situate the text in the context of the “canon” or “traditions” of the nineteenth-century British novel more broadly. In doing so, you might choose to continue the critical question posed in my assigned reading or you might choose to take your presentation into a different direction.

  • You may assign a single essay or book chapter or select excerpts from 2-3 pieces. At least one of your assigned readings must have been published in the last 5 years.
  • You will need to inform the class of their reading assignment no later than the Tuesday¬†before your presentation. You will need to make a pdf of the material for me to post on the website. Please send those .pdfs to
  • I will expect to meet with you at least a week before your presentation is scheduled.
  • Your presentation should be around 15 minutes long and conclude by drawing the rest of the class into discussion.
  • A short essay based on your presentation is due within two weeks of your presentation in class.