Critical Presentation: For this presentation you will be expected to develop a response to a specific critical question of your choosing after carefully reading and critiquing the secondary literature associated with one of the assigned texts, or in the case of three of the presentations, a topic that addresses a day’s reading.

Once students choose their texts, I’ll add 1 or 2 critical essays to those days that do not have a student presentation.

Your task is to assign critical reading to the class on the day of your presentation; you’ll determine a selection of possible readings and then discuss those with me 1 week before your presentation.

My expectation is that at least one of the assigned critical pieces will have been published within the last 10 years, and responsive to the changes wrought in the academy by critical race theory, post-colonialism, and feminism, etc.

  • You may assign single essays or book chapters or excerpts from 2-3 pieces.
  • We will need to inform the class of their reading assignment no later than late on the Wednesday¬†before your presentation. If necessary, you will need to make a pdf of the material for me to post on the website, although most journal articles are available via the UGA libraries databases. Please send those .pdfs to
  • I will need to meet with you at least a week before your presentation is scheduled.
  • Your presentation should be around 15 minutes long and conclude by drawing the rest of the class into discussion.
  • A short essay (2-3 pages) based on your presentation is due within two weeks of your presentation in class. You may then draw upon this short essay for your final paper.