Respond to both of the following prompts.

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  1. In “Ode to Melancholy,” the speaker insists that in order to access “Veil’d Melancholy’s”  “sovran shrine”, the supplicant must be able to “burst Joy’s grape against his palate fine” (27-28). If at all possible, find a grape and attempt to “burst” it against your palate. If you have no grapes, imagine and describe what it takes to do this. Why is it Keats’s chosen task for Melancholy’s supplicant?
  2. Read “To Autumn” aloud. Note Keats’s use of at least three different literary devices (inclusive of sound devices, rhyme, and rhetorical devices). Here is a link to the list of terms from the midterm to refresh your memory.  How do these affordances contribute to the meaning of the poem?