Respond to all three of the following prompts.

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On “The Cry of the Children”

The speaker in Barrett Browning’s poem, directly addresses her “brothers”. She wants them to “hear” the “children weeping” (1). How does she use the affordances of poetry to make them “hear” the children? Cite at least 2 pieces of specific evidence from the poem to support your assertion.

On “Ulysses”

What makes “Ulysses” a dramatic monologue? Use the Broadview Pocket Glossary of Literary Terms or another handbook of literary terms to support your assertions. UGA has several options other available online, including A Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory, which I highly recommend.

Would you say that this poem is optimistic about the power of individual agency? or pessimistic? Support your assertion with at least one piece of specific evidence from the poem.

Do you have any questions that you would like me to address in today’s class meeting?

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