Setting of the novel: Late 1990s 

Hailsham: the “Golden Years” (77)

Memory of infancy in the sandpits at Hailsham (21);

Age of 5 or 6, pretending with the horse and Ruth (31);

Age 8, the plot to kidnap Miss Geraldine (56)

Age 11the pencil case, which Ruth suggests that Miss Geraldine gave to her; a mark of favoritism; Kathy makes a “plan” to catch Ruth in her lie (59); then she has to figure out a way to “please” Ruth, which she does by crafting the same kind of pretend (63)

          A month later: the “tape” and its disappearance

Age 13,  era of the sports pavilion (7; 13); familiar in that the boys and girls are separated from each other, although the girls are acutely aware of them; bullying of Tommy and his temper, as well as his shirt; description of adolescent cruelty; K. finds his attention on the stairwell “embarrassing” (14)

Age 14-16, the “last era” (77) / marked by the conversation with Tommy by the pond about “creativity” and the harsh truth told to them by Miss Lucy (81)

The Cottageswhere Kathy seems to spend just over a year (188)

After the Cottages

Memory of taking care of Ruth “a few years ago” (16); description of Ruth’s“recovery room” and the outside world in the distance; seems like there are no mirrors or that they are forbidden (17); she imagines “ending up” there; where she shares memories with Ruth, although she suspects that Ruth remembers things differently (18)

Memory of taking care of Tommy “not so long ago” (19)

Memory of seeing Harry after a donation (101; unclear if it is before or after caring for Tommy)