Presentations: Our syllabus can only begin to introduce you to three centuries of literature. The presentation allows you to bring the class’s attention to material that I have not assigned. At the beginning of the semester, you’ll be assigned to present material from one of the four historical periods we’ll be studying this semester (the Eighteenth Century, the Romantic Era, the Victorian Period, and the Modern Period, inclusive of both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries).

You will choose a single work from your period, assign reading to your classmates (and professor), give your assignment a little research and a lot of thought, and come to class ready to lead a short (10 minute) discussion on the assigned material.


Assignment due Friday, February 16th; Presentations on Friday, January 30th


Assignment due  Friday, February 13th; Presentations on Friday, February 20th


Assignment due  Friday, March 6th; Presentations on Wednesday, March 18th

Twentieth and Twenty-First Century

Assignment due  Wednesday, April 15th; Presentations on Friday, April 24th

Your presentation (and the two-page write up) should address the following issues:

General information about the author and the literary work (although this should not concern the entire presentation; brevity is a virtue here)

Description of the literary form (particularly if it is new to the class) and analysis of how the author deploys that form in the chosen work.

Your essay should develop a brief reading of the poem in relation to other works read this semester, of course you are limited in this by what we have read prior to your own presentation (i.e. the eighteenth-century presenters will only be able to discuss their work in relation to other work of the period).

Conclude by drawing connections (or distinctions) between your chosen work and others read over the course of the semester.

You may of course also address other issues of interest to you in the essay. You may, for example, actually want to suggest a particular reading of the poem structured by a particular argument, but that is not necessarily required for this assignment.

In presenting to the class, you should prepare to talk for no more than 5 minutes before opening up discussion to the class in general. It is useful to turn to the class with a good question or two.

Your two-page essay should be typed (12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced), with a proper heading and page numbers.