Second Semester Exam Description, 2360H

This exam will cover up through World War I poetry

Part I: Passage Identification of 6 out of 9 excerpts

Identify the author and title (4 points each). All information (including fiirst and last names) must be spelled correctly to receive full credit. (24 points + 1, if you get all 6 entirely correct.)

Part II: Short Essays

After you note author and title, you will be asked to respond in essay form to a few short questions about 3 identified passages. In addition to addressing the text itself, you will be asked to define, employ, and otherwise draw upon, the literary terms that you have learned this semester. (75 points).

The questions will vary from passage to passage, but you should keep in mind that your answers should demonstrate your specific knowledge of a particular work, as well as your general knowledge of the period during which it was published. It may be the case that you will be asked to draw connections across the literary eras.

Support your assertions in your short responses with references to the passage in question, as well as other pertinent material.

Among other things, you should not neglect significant images, sound devices, metaphors, and/or thematic links to other passages from the same work or other pertinent works.


Please bring a blue book or green book to the exam.

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