This presentation asks you to consider the scope of Romanticism. The question “What is Romanticism?” has long vexed literary scholars and we’ll be reading some of the more storied attempts to answer it on February 16th. Following that class period, I’ll ask you to take up the issue. Every class will conclude with a brief presentation on the state of Romantic studies as it has evolved over the past eight years. Each class participant will be assigned a year. Your task is to survey publications in the field for a given year and based upon that survey, define Romanticism for that year based on your discoveries and analysis.

  • Your  sources here must include the main journals in the field: Studies in Romanticism, Romanticism, European Romantic Review, and Romantic Circles.
  • I’ll also expect you to consult the MLA Bibliography for book publications.
  • Although you will not have to write a formal paper for this presentation, I would like you to prepare a handout for the class that represents your research findings. I’ll let you determine the form of that handout, but I’m happy to assist you in preparing it.