Thursday, February 4th

Catherine Morland’s World / Savannah Thornton

Thursday, February 11th

Wills and Primogeniture / Hunter Green
Class in Austen’s England / Ashley Cook
Women’s Education / Abigail Yori

Tuesday, February 16th

Evening Fashion in the 1790s and early 1800s / Amber George

Tuesday, February 23rd

Dance / Abigail Maschino
Everyday Fashion: what did the Bennet sisters wear during the day? / Mallorie Mitchell
Middle-Class London: where did the Gardiners live? / Ryan Hernan

Tuesday, March 2nd

The Great Estate: what did Pemberley look like? / Theresa Morse

 Thursday, March 11th

Jane Austen and Contemporary Literature for children and young adults / Brooklyn Moore
Austen Sequels and Retellings: a publishing industry / Georgia Kate Kent

Thursday, March 18th

Working-class women and their labor / Maggie Hill

Tuesday, March 23rd

Private theatricals
Landscape, the Picturesque, and the fad for “Improvements” / Mallory Mason

Thursday, March 25th

Slavery and the British West Indies / Ritwika Chakrabarti
Fashion in 1814: Fanny Price’s dress and Mary Crawford’s / Alex Sausa

Tuesday, March 30th

Fanny Price’s Portsmouth / Leah Grace Wiggins

Tuesday, April 6th

The Gentry Woman’s Domestic Responsibility: what does Emma do all day? / Isabel Hutchinson
Village Life: what did Highbury look like?

Tuesday, April 13th

Austen Amusements: Walks and Games

Tuesday, April 20th

Anne Elliot’s Lyme Regis
Poetry and Prose: what did Anne Elliot read?

Thursday, April 22nd

The Navy / Rosie Albenice
Anne Elliot’s Bath

Thursday, April 29th

Jane Austen and the 21st-Century Romance Novel