The Radcliffe Camera

Two 3-page essays (30%): Essay One due on Friday, September 16th by 11:00PM and Essay Two due any time between Friday, September 30th and Sunday, October 2nd at 11:00pm

One 7-page final essay (30%): Final Essay Due no later than 11:00 pm on Saturday, October 15th. See details at the very end of the Course Schedule page.

Honors Option for 3300

Three in-class writing assignments (15%): September 21st, September 28th, and October 5th

Excursion Journal (15%): Due Friday, October 7th at 11:00pm.

Excursion Journal Template: please use this format when keeping your journal. I expect it to be turned in as a typed word document, so you might want to keep informal notes during your excursions before turning to the document to be typed up, carefully proofread, and turned in to me. I’m happy to look at your initial few entries to give you a sense if you’re going in the right direction. Feel free to add photographs or drawings to add a visual element. My hope is that this journal will be something that you will want to keep and reflect back upon.

I expect you to visit at least 6 cultural sites while taking my class, and make at least 6 entries in your journal. The format of the journal is very informal, consisting of your responses to literary homes, great houses, libraries, museums, gardens, or even the Keble dining hall. The first two entries can address our joint visit to Monk’s House and Charleston but after that it will be up to you to choose places to visit, although I’ve made suggestions on the schedule page, and we’ll discuss this further in class.

Class participation (10%)