Syllabus: “The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary” (OVPI for Instruction)

Attendance and Participation: Per the UGA at Oxford guidelines, students should attend every class, and assignments must be read before the day they are to be discussed.

Assignments must be read before the day they are to be discussed: Go over the literature attentively and, if necessary, repeatedly. Please don’t just skim the material. I would suggest that you keep an informal reading journal in which you note any questions about the assignment, as well as your responses to the material; you should also take copious notes within your texts.

Internet Resources: There are several internet sites which should be of interest to you; the internet can serve as an invaluable resource if you use it wisely. If you do use material from the internet, please cite it appropriately by date of access and web site location. Please refer to the MLA Handbook for specifics.

A Culture of Honesty: Although all of your papers can be completed without recourse to outside sources, you may on occasion want to consult critical works. According to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction, “All academic work must meet the standards contained in ‘A Culture of Honesty.’ Students are responsible for informing themselves about those standards before performing any academic work.” Please visit the OVPI website for more information. Suspected cases of plagiarism will be turned into the appropriate campus authorities.

Listserv: I’ll be creating a class listserv as the best means to contact you about changes to the schedule and assignments. You should use the list to pose questions about the course and to set up study groups for the exams: Listserv Address TBD

Office Hours: I’ll be setting office hours once we get settled in Oxford. As of right now, I’m thinking that I’ll simply remain near Keble after class to meet with students. I’ll also plan on being at the Oxford House to hold some office hours on Thursday, although I do not yet have a firm time for that. In any case, I’m always happy to set up a meeting outside of any formal office hours, so please do contact me via email if you’d like to meet. I’m happy to answer questions, talk about papers, the reading, how the class is going, etc.

End of term course evaluations: At the end of the semester, you’ll be asked to complete an evaluation of this course. Please do take the opportunity to respond to the course and its content.