Instructions: The class will be divided into peer groups of three or four students. I will circulate descriptions and outlines by 5:00pm Tuesday evening. (Materials are due to me by 10:00am)

Peer Review Tasks PRIOR TO CLASS:

  • Print up a copy of each peer author’s description and outline, annotate and bring them to class for the writing workshop on Wednesday, November 7th.
  • Fill out the Peer Review Excercise for each member of your group. Respond in at least 2 or 3 sentences to each of the prompts for each member of your group. No “Yes” or “No” responses, please. 
  • The Peer Review Exercise is a .doc and you should type your responses directly into the document.
  • Print up 2 copies of the completed Peer Review Exercise (for each peer). One copy is for me and the other one is for your peer.

Peer Review Tasks IN CLASS:

  • Each member of the group should briefly (2 minutes or so) describe their goals for their essay, as well as aspects that they’d like feedback on.
  • The rest of the group should then respond to the student author’s comments and to the essay and outline, drawing upon their comments on the peer review exercise.

Peer Review Exercise