Written Responses to peer abstracts are due along with annotated peer abstracts on Thursday, November 30th at the beginning of the class period.

Please bring 2 hard copies of your peer reviews to class: one for me and one for your peer.

You can do everything by hand or you can make comments on the document using the Comment function. If you work online, please print everything up and bring hard copies to class with you.

You will complete a written response for each abstract:

  1. Restate the thesis/argument as presented in the abstract.
  2. Do you think that this thesis/argument will lead to a strong final draft of between 8-10 pages? What are its strengths?
  3. Does this abstract indicate which primary and secondary sources will be employed in the essay? Do you have any additional suggestions for your peer, particularly in terms of secondary source material?
  4. Does the abstract provide pertinent textual examples in support of the proposed thesis?
  5. Note at least 2 ways in which you think your peer can strengthen their proposed paper topic.